And the Virtue is…

Patience…that is what we will be talking about all month to the kids of NewSpring.  Patience is waiting until later for what you want now.  Isn’t that good?  This Sunday we have a very unique way to get the point across to the kids.  In fact, we are giving them something to take home and they can’t open it up and they have to bring it back with them on May 18th to reap the reward of their patience.  One of the bottom lines for the month is: “If you don’t wait, it could cost you.”  The memory verse is Psalm 27:14, “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”  So there you have it a few days before anyone else. 

Pray for Debbie and me as we leave in just a few moments to drive to KC and fly to Denver for a Judgement House meeting.  We are excited about the possibilities of more churches throughout the Midwest doing JH this year.

The bathroom project is going well. They glazed the walls last night and we are waiting on the vanity and this project will be done.  I will post some pictures next week.

Hope to see you this weekend.  Mark has an amazing sermon series on GPS and finding direction in your life.  You don’t want to miss it!  Don’t forget to invite someone to come with you.  Over 70% of people polled said they would come to church if they were just invited by a friend.

Bathroom is Still in Progress

Today we celebrated Danny’s birthday and after our meal of fajitas and homemade ice cream (chocolate/banana) and angel food cake with strawberries, we pushed away from the table and
the kids decided to start painting the bathroom.  Nate plastered the walls yesterday so it was ready for a fresh coat of paint.  Last week they put up the trim and hung the bathroom door. In fact, the kids used their new shower this morning and loved it even though we haven’t gotten the glass wall up yet.  So here is the lastest picture of the bathroom.  We are still waiting for the vanity to come in and once we get that the project will be complete.

There is No Place Like Home!

We got up this morning, went to airport, checked our bags and headed to Memphis then to Wichita.  Arrived around 11 a.m. and it is sure good to finally make it home.  What a great time we had at the Children’s Conference and I trust it will help us do more for children here at NewSpring.

We got a call from a church in Dodge City wanting to be trained for Judgement House the second week of May so for the next couple of weeks we are on the move again.  Pray for us as we train these churches to do Judgement House and also pray for the churches who will be doing it this fall.

The Party Continues for One More Day

OK, I know all of you are on the edge of your seats wanting to know if we made it home to Wichita.  In one word…NO!  We got to O’Hare Airport and went to turn in our rental car but we were trying to return our Budget rental car at a Dollar Rental Car return terminal.  So, after all the rental car attendants and the ladies riding with me had a big laugh over that, we finally made it to the check-in for Northwest Airlines. As we checked in, the computer indicated that our flight would probably be delayed.  Then we made it to the gate and found out that severe weather was causing many delayed flights including our own. The weather broke a little and some flights began to take off but bad weather was still delaying our plane coming into Chicago. As the minutes ticked away, our likelihood of catching our connecting flight in Minneapolis faded fast. The stormy weather picked up again and no flights were allowed to take off or land at O’Hare. It became obvious that we would not be getting home to Wichita tonight. Fortunately, we were able to get our luggage back and find a hotel close to the airport. So tomorrow we have to get up at 3:30 a.m. to catch a flight at 6 a.m. We have been rerouted to Memphis then to Wichita.  Lord willing, we should be home around 11:30 a.m.  Tomorrow is my son Danny’s birthday and we were supposed to take him for breakfast for his birthday but it looks like we will have to do it on Monday.  Happy Birthday, Danny!  You Rock!!  Mom & Dad love you.


Made it to Chicago..barely

OK, reread the previous post to catch up on the “Karla syndrome” that is taking place on this trip.  We ended up leaving 1 1/2 hours late from Wichita.  When we landed in Minnesota we had 25 minutes to get to our plane to Chicago.  Well, we taxied for about 7 minutes… we were moving all the time but it seemed like we landed in Des Moines and taxied to Minneapolis!  We got to our gate and would you believe that they had no operator to bring the jetway over to the plane.  I guess the guy who makes $9 hour doing that job decided he had more important things to do. The captain actually had to call someone to get a person to come and bring the jetway over.  Ten more minutes passed and we finally got off the plane with 8 minutes to get to our next gate.  Of course we got off at terminal A and our next gate was terminal G gate 11.  Gate G 11 was evidently on the border of Canada.  Debbie, Karla, Colleen and myself had to put on our sneakers and sprint to the gate.  Oh, one more small detail…the airport tram was not running! After hurdling over suit cases, side-stepping slow walkers and nearly taking a wrong turn; we made it to our gate. Needless to say they were expecting us. As we ran up to the check-in desk the attendant waved us down the jetway and onto the plane. As we each dropped into our seat, the captain came on the PA system and announced that the door of the cabin was being shut.  So after my 4 mile jog to the gate I realized two things: 1. I am out of shape, 2. Karla is right–weird things do happen to her when she travels!

The Conspire Conference began today at 9:00 a.m. It has been great so far. We have already been challenged to consider some new ideas for our KidzWorld ministry. We were privileged to hear from several great speakers including author John Trent, Disney Animator/Director Gene Keane (son of Family Circus creator Bill Keane), and Senior Vice President over Disney Character Voices Rick Dempsey. Tomorrow we have the opportunity to attend breakout sessions designed to help us in specific areas of the ministry. We are looking forward to that.

More tomorrow…


On the road again…

Debbie and I are just about ready to leave again and hit the open road (or I should say open sky since we are flying).  We are headed off to Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago, Illinois for a children’s conference.  We are excited to see what other churches are doing that we might be able to try here at NewSpring.  Also, it is a time just to dream big for KidzWorld.  Colleen and Karla are coming along to see the Willow Creek ministry where over 3000 kids show up every weekend to learn about Jesus and how He loves them.  It should be an exciting time. Pray for us as we fly out there and return late Friday night.  Pray for Darrel (Karla’s husband) as he becomes Mr. Mom for a few days and for Colleen’s husband and boys who will be batchin’ it. I am just hoping to have a bathroom door on our bathroom when I get back (hint, hint). 

Then next week we make a very quick trip to Glenwood Springs, Colorado for Judgement House.  It is so exciting to see more and more churches get pumped up about Judgement House and what it can do for their church and community.  We shoot out of here late Wednesday from KC and head back early Saturday morning and hit Wichita around noon.  I know I must be getting “old” because all this traveling throws me off and it takes about 2 days to think clearly again.  But I know it is making a difference in the lives of so many others that it is worth it.  It won’t be long before we are kicking off Judgement House sign-up here at NewSpring. 

I am still so excited about all that happened last week at NewSpring.  It is great to hear about many adults receiving Christ in the Worship Center and all the kids who made the same decision in KidzWorld.  I hope you are taking time to “celebrate” what happened last weekend and let’s get ready to be in our places this weekend. 

My son told me that he watched the kids coming to KidzWorld and they were taking their shoes off as they walked through the tunnel to make sure they weren’t going to miss a second of fun in KidzWorld.  He also overheard a mom telling her son (who was attending for the first time) to have fun. Then she said, “That’s the first time I’ve ever told him to have fun in church.”  Another boy said as he was leaving, “Are you sure it is time to go? It went so fast!”  My favorite one was a granddad who said, “Come on, it’s time to go; they are shutting off the lights!”  Isn’t it cool to have kids and adults excited about being in church?  All these statements are a credit to the great volunteers who help us every week!  You guys are awesome!!!!

Well, I am finishing up this blog in the airport terminal.  Karla has just informed me that everytime she flies she loses her luggage or something else happens to make the trip exciting.  Sooo we got up to the gate and the flight is delayed for about hour because of weather in Memphis, TN.  So our connection in Minnesota might be tight.  I will let you know what happens.


Rejoicing over Sunday at NewSpring

What an awesome day we had in KidzWorld!  Today we gave a lesson about salvation and had opportunity for kids to respond.  We are thrilled and excited to tell you that 13 kids accepted Christ as their Savior today!!!  Some of the kids were invited by friends and it was their first time to be in church.  What a beautiful image of a church.  Kids inviting kids to church and hearing about how Jesus loves them and responding to it!  To every single person that helps in KidzWorld…Rejoice in what God did through you today at NewSpring!


Here is a picture of all the boxes of food the kids have brought for the food pantry at Victory in the Valley.  This coming Sunday is the last day for bringing food. The first week of May we start a brand new offering project.  Can’t wait to tell the kids what it’s going to be.  The kids have been doing an amazing job with all of our offerings and are making a difference in so many people’s lives.

This is a picture of the work that is going on throughout the week in our KidzWorld Theater. This picture shows them pouring the footings for the balcony.  This coming week they will set the steel posts and finish pouring the final layer of concrete.  Nate and Philip had lots of fun with some other people as they hand dug each hole.  Some holes were 4 feet deep and 8 feet long.  They figured they dug out 176,000 lbs of dirt by hand!  Everyone has been working hard on this project but the kicker is that once Friday rolls around, they have to put everything back in place for the weekend. Then they tear it down Sunday evening to get ready to work on Monday.  Thanks to all who have helped keep KidzWorld going.

One Step Closer

The bathroom project is going well.The tile is in and the walls and floors have been grouted and sealed.  The plumber came out yesterday to set the toilet and install the shower head and faucet.  Tonight we will tackle putting the plaster on the walls and installing the rest of the light fixtures and the exhaust fan.  The vanity should be ready soon and the door has been ordered.  For a family of 7 to have 1 shower makes it quite exciting and I’ve had to plan for a bit more traffic into my bathroom.  But it will be worth it in the end. 

This week in Route 252 we will be talking about joy and how to have joy even when things don’t go your way.  The footings for the balcony were poured this week and next week the steel supports go up. It won’t be too long before we have more space for more kids.

The Bathroom Remodel Continues

Well, Debbie & I finally made it home around 2:15 p.m. today and we went straight to NewSpring to get busy.  But of course we couldn’t wait to get home and see the kids and the bathroom project.  As you can tell from the picture the crew has made some good progress.  After supper tonight we all got busy cutting tiles while Dale, Sarah, Grace & Philip set the tile.  The plumber comes out Wednesday to set the toilet so in just a few moments they are going to start laying the tile on the floor.

Our trip to the National Office of Judgement House was productive and in the upcoming weeks we will be sharing some future projects we have in mind.  Well, better get back to work!  Actually, I’m just watching right now.

Update on the Remodel

Sarah just sent me this new picture of the bathroom remodel project going on while we are away at National Judgement House Trainer’s meeting.  This is a shot of the ceiling above the shower.  Sarah will not send a picture of the whole thing because she says, “There is a suprise that you can’t see until you get home.”  So I guess if I have to wait then you are going to have to wait too.