On the road again…

Debbie and I are just about ready to leave again and hit the open road (or I should say open sky since we are flying).  We are headed off to Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago, Illinois for a children’s conference.  We are excited to see what other churches are doing that we might be able to try here at NewSpring.  Also, it is a time just to dream big for KidzWorld.  Colleen and Karla are coming along to see the Willow Creek ministry where over 3000 kids show up every weekend to learn about Jesus and how He loves them.  It should be an exciting time. Pray for us as we fly out there and return late Friday night.  Pray for Darrel (Karla’s husband) as he becomes Mr. Mom for a few days and for Colleen’s husband and boys who will be batchin’ it. I am just hoping to have a bathroom door on our bathroom when I get back (hint, hint). 

Then next week we make a very quick trip to Glenwood Springs, Colorado for Judgement House.  It is so exciting to see more and more churches get pumped up about Judgement House and what it can do for their church and community.  We shoot out of here late Wednesday from KC and head back early Saturday morning and hit Wichita around noon.  I know I must be getting “old” because all this traveling throws me off and it takes about 2 days to think clearly again.  But I know it is making a difference in the lives of so many others that it is worth it.  It won’t be long before we are kicking off Judgement House sign-up here at NewSpring. 

I am still so excited about all that happened last week at NewSpring.  It is great to hear about many adults receiving Christ in the Worship Center and all the kids who made the same decision in KidzWorld.  I hope you are taking time to “celebrate” what happened last weekend and let’s get ready to be in our places this weekend. 

My son told me that he watched the kids coming to KidzWorld and they were taking their shoes off as they walked through the tunnel to make sure they weren’t going to miss a second of fun in KidzWorld.  He also overheard a mom telling her son (who was attending for the first time) to have fun. Then she said, “That’s the first time I’ve ever told him to have fun in church.”  Another boy said as he was leaving, “Are you sure it is time to go? It went so fast!”  My favorite one was a granddad who said, “Come on, it’s time to go; they are shutting off the lights!”  Isn’t it cool to have kids and adults excited about being in church?  All these statements are a credit to the great volunteers who help us every week!  You guys are awesome!!!!

Well, I am finishing up this blog in the airport terminal.  Karla has just informed me that everytime she flies she loses her luggage or something else happens to make the trip exciting.  Sooo we got up to the gate and the flight is delayed for about hour because of weather in Memphis, TN.  So our connection in Minnesota might be tight.  I will let you know what happens.


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