Skeletons and whales


Today in Route 252 we had a great time talking about some very interesting stories in the Bible. Our goal today was to help kids see that there are lots of things to discover in the Bible and some of the stories in there are AMAZING! We talked about several different stories. Then the kids followed up on a couple of the stories by making skeletons and a large fish–complete with Jonah! If you and your kids would like to study these stories some more just check out Ezekiel 37:1-14 and the book of Jonah (it’s short!)

On Saturday we had 47 kids in KidzWorld. Many families were so happy to have the option of Adventure Avenue Plus for the 1st-3rd graders. We have an awesome team of volunteers who have stepped up to make our Saturday KidzWorld ministry outstanding!

I had a first-time mom tell me today that the reason their family came to NewSpring today was because the next door neighbor kids keep talking about how much they like going to church.  It got her curosity up and she decided to come and see it for herself.  She did tell me afterwards how much her children enjoyed KidzWorld and they already asked her if they can come back.  Once again thanks to all who make KidzWorld possible each weekend at NewSpring. We couldn’t do it without you!

Awesome Easter Weekend


Wow! Where do I begin?  Saturday was over the top!  We had planned for around 60 kids to show up….well, we had over 250 kids in KidzWorld!  We had to do some scrambling, but all in all things went well.  The picture on the right is one from the Adventure Avenue Theater. You can see the kids were wall-to-wall and hip-to-hip.  The carnival after the service was great and lots of fun prizes and treats were given away. 

Sunday we had a great time again with all the kids in KidzWorld. In Route 252 we told the story of Jesus and why he came and died on the cross and rose again.  I told the story and my son Nate did a drawing in sand depicting the cross and the tomb.  The kids loved it and it was just a unique way to present the Gospel.  We gave the invitation for kids to talk to an adult about what they had just heard and this morning at NewSpring Church 8 kids accepted Christ!  Boy, that will make your day! 

I can’t say thank-you enough to all of you who helped us out this weekend.  It wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t show up and minister to kids.  I know many of you did double duty and were called on to do things at the last minute and I appreciate so much your willingness to help.  I don’t how God keeps track of everything, but each one of you have a part in those 8 kids accepting Christ.

This weekend at NewSpring we had over 3100 people come and celebrate Easter. Many first time guests experienced the environments that you folks help to create.  May God bless you for all you do.

Easter Weekend at NewSpring

I am so excited about all the people who have indicated that they want to join the KidzWorld team.  The really cool thing is that it allows us to offer Adventure Avenue Theater on Saturdays.  Words can’t express my excitement and appreciation to all those who have made that commitment to KidzWorld and to the kids of the Wichita area. 

Easter is this weekend and we are planning an awesome weekend for the kids.  First, on Saturday we will open the Adventure Avenue Theater and also have a mini carnival for the kids in the KidzWorld Theater after their large group time.  We will have snow cones, cotton candy, and lots of fun games and don’t forget the inflatables.  Also, we will have a drawing for some great prizes like a John Deere trike, scooter, and wagon plus some gift baskets as well.  Parents, you will need to hang onto your security receipt because that may be your winning number!  Here is some insider information…this Saturday kids who are in 1st-3rd grade are going to be able to experience KidzWorld too.  And then beginning March 29th, 1st-3rd graders will be able to attend KidzWorld every Saturday .  All this is made possible by the wonderful people who have decided to help us take the ministry to the next level.  I would also like to thank all the people who have offered items and services to help us out in KidzWorld.  

This Sunday the kids in Route 252 will experience a story that is told in a very unique way. Parents, you will need to ask your kids about it on the way home or over Easter dinner.  This weekend is going to be great at NewSpring!  Don’t miss it!

Our trip to Cottonwood Falls, Kansas


Trivia question–does anyone know where this building is located? Keep reading and I’ll give you the long version answer. Last Friday I invited my wife, my two oldest kids and Dale & Michelle Poore to take a little road trip with me. I had heard about a place that sounded interesting so I decided to keep it a secret and have a fun evening with my family and friends. It was a beautiful drive through the Flint Hills on highway 50. I gave clues along the way and the group got close to solving the mystery but didn’t quite hit the nail on the head. Our destination was Cottonwood Falls, KS and the Grand Central Hotel and Grill. I had done a little research and found that the Grill boasts that many patrons say it’s the best steak they’ve ever had. We had a very enjoyable evening in the quaint little restaurant and the steak was definitely incredible.

But, back to the picture. My daughter, Sarah, is a budding photographer and as we were nearing Cottonwood Falls we saw this old schoolhouse. She couldn’t resist snapping a few shots even in the bitterly cold wind. The sign above the schoolhouse designated it as District 34 schoolhouse built in 1896. What a piece of Kansas history.

 So if you’re looking for something a little different, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, just take the 70 minute drive to Cottonwood Falls and enjoy a great meal and some awesome Kansas countryside.

Something New in Adventure Avenue


How cool is this? If you have been watching my blog the past couple of months, you know that when Dale Poore is involved in the design something fabulous will happen. Well….our Adventure Avenue director asked for a white board in the theater. Dale went to work. First of all he decided to put it behind the garage door. That way it wouldn’t be in the way when it wasn’t being used. Then he decided that if the white board was going to be in the garage it might as well look like it belongs there. So he made this Model T Ford with a white board windshield. The headlights even work and when the garage door opens, the car horn gives a toot–or should I say ah-ooh-ga! Notice the tire tracks leading into the garage? No detail is left undone! Thanks again, Dale for helping us make some awesome kids’ environments!

Are you ready for some family football?

football-rd.jpgimg_8769.jpgWe had to run some errands today before our kids go to “Stuck in the Middle” and when we got home we decided to play some football.  My nephew, Graham, Philip and Danny are trying to tackle Grace.  Girls rule, boys drool!  Grace is available for anyone needing to brush up on their football skills.

Time Change Sunday

Just as a friendly reminder, this Sunday is when we spring forward and we all lose one hour of great sleep.  With a lot of our KidzWorld volunteers being gone to Stuck in the Middle this weekend, it is vital that the remaining of our volunteers in KidzWorld be there on time.  (When I say “on time” I mean 20 minutes before service time.)  We are going to have a blast with the kids and we don’t want you to miss out!

Great Time in Salina, Kansas

Debbie and I had a great time with the folks from Salina, Kansas as we shared some thoughts about kids’ ministry.  They are just a super nice group of people and it was fun to talk with people who are excited about ministry.  Marsha is the children’s director there and has been doing that for over 15 years.  She is a pretty cool lady and has a passion for kids.  Also, it was good to get to talk to our friend Lance Albin. He is the student director and is doing such an amazing job. 

We had quite a shock to come out of the church last night and see a blizzard going on!  A couple of people told us that it was snowing but I wasn’t expecting such hard, wet, blowing snow.  In fact it was blowing so hard that I had to get out and clean off my headlights so I could see.  As we headed toward home we saw several cars and trucks off in the ditch but by the time we got to McPherson the moisture had turned back into rain.  We made it home safely and Nate (my son) and Dale Poore had made Baby Back Ribs and saved me a rack!  I’m here to tell you they could go into business.  They were tender and tasty just the way I like them.  Not only did I indulge myself in that, they also had several pies from Spears!  Needless to say my diet got sent to the back seat for a day.

Thanks to all who prayed for us as we drove to Salina and back. We really do appreciate it very much.