Something New in Adventure Avenue


How cool is this? If you have been watching my blog the past couple of months, you know that when Dale Poore is involved in the design something fabulous will happen. Well….our Adventure Avenue director asked for a white board in the theater. Dale went to work. First of all he decided to put it behind the garage door. That way it wouldn’t be in the way when it wasn’t being used. Then he decided that if the white board was going to be in the garage it might as well look like it belongs there. So he made this Model T Ford with a white board windshield. The headlights even work and when the garage door opens, the car horn gives a toot–or should I say ah-ooh-ga! Notice the tire tracks leading into the garage? No detail is left undone! Thanks again, Dale for helping us make some awesome kids’ environments!

One thought on “Something New in Adventure Avenue

  1. Dale – you’re awesome! I am going to love using this whiteboard. I have a lot of ideas for it, but we’ll reveal it to the kids the Saturday night we open the theater (“Easter Eve”)

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