Working Outside

Today was just a nice day to be outside doing something.   So what better  way to get the family together than to haul some dirt around!  We needed to fill in dirt in a couple of places around our foundation that have settled over the past year.  So with the help of my wife, Philip, Danny & Grace we went into high gear and pulled back some of the landscaping and took care of the problem.  That got me thinking about how we always need to be checking our spiritual foundations on a regular basis.  Do we have a time of prayer and Bible reading each day? Do we regularly attend a worship service where we can get spiritually recharged? I know in my life I can get so busy with things and plans that I forget to keep my spiritual life where it needs to be.  One thing I remember my dad always saying from the pulpit, “Beware of the barrenness of a busy life.” The older I get, the more I understand that statement. 

I am excited about the opportunity to speak at a church in Salina, KS this Sunday evening.  I will be speaking to a large group of volunteers who work with children and I will share some ideas that we have been using and try to encourage them in their ministry.  Please pray for Debbie and me as we travel up there Sunday afternoon and also that I share what God wants me to share.

Saturday, March 22, 2008-Don’t Miss It!

Debbie & I attend the Saturday service since we are pretty busy on Sundays with KidzWorld.  After the service this past Saturday a couple of people asked me, “When is the Adventure Ave Theater going to be open on Saturday?”  The answer is Saturday, March 22.  We are planning a fun night for the kids and adults as well.  The extra fun and games will only take place on Saturday.  If you have kids infant through Kdg make sure you have them there on Saturday.  We are trying to make as much room as possible for our guests on Easter Sunday.  Also, starting on March 22, the Adventure Ave Theater will be open every Saturday night. So if you want to avoid the crowds and let your preschooler sleep in on Sunday, make plans to start attending Saturday night. 

Special Announcement

Ok here is what you have been waiting for, this very special annoucement.  Our kids ministry at NewSpring is growing and to keep up with it and to help us minister to more kids we have asked Karla Stinson to be the Adventure Avenue director for NewSpring.  Colleen Mahannah, who has been overseeing Baby Bay and Adventure Aveune and has been doing a great job, can’t be everywhere at one time.  So Colleen will direct Baby Bay (0-1 yrs) and Karla direct Adventure Avenue (2 yrs-Kdg).  My master plan when I started doing this job was eventually have someone over Baby Bay, Adventure Avenue and Rt 252.  There will be a meeting for all the Baby Bay/Adventure Avenue volunteers on March 5th after Powerlines in the Adventure Avenue Theater.  If you are currently a part of this ministry or are interested in helping during Saturday or Sunday services, please attend this very important meeting.  The word on the street is there is going to be food and some very special prizes given away.  You don’t want to miss this fun, entertaining, informative meeting. 

Karla, it is great to have you on board at NewSpring.

Adventure Avenue Theater Opens At NewSpring


What a great time we had today with the grand opening of the Adventure Avenue Theater! It was awesome to see all the kids just jump for joy when they came into the theater.  It was fun to have a live feed into the worship center to let all the adults see the great time we were having in the theater.  Special thanks to Dale & Michelle Poore and Nate & Sarah Kubish for the countless hours–and I mean countless hours–of hard work they put in to make this a reality.  I never take for granted the dedication these people have for the ministry of NewSpring Church.  The environments we have are some of the best in the country and you can see the passion they have for the ministry.  I am also grateful for the leadership of Darrel & Karla Stinson, directors of the theater,  and Don & Michelle Coash, assistant directors. They have helped us make another engaging environment for our kids at NewSpring.  The  other set of people I would like to thank is those of you who are small group leaders, greeters, security, praise team members, registration; without you we couldn’t pull off the weekend.  Every job is so important to make our environments engaging and relevant. God is doing something special at NewSpring. Isn’t it great to be on His team?!!!

Grand Opening this Sunday!!!


Another piece of the set has been put in place in Adventure Avenue Theater and boy does it look fantastic!  The shop crew is working overtime trying to meet the deadline for the Grand Opening.  Our special guest is arriving Tuesday or Wednesday of this week to make preparations for the big day.  You don’t want to miss this Sunday it is going to be explosive with fun.  Invite every preschooler within a 50 mile radius of your house to come to NewSpring this weekend.

Please pray for the safety of the crew and staff as we work long hours to prepare this outstanding environment for our preschool children.  For all of you who have been giving to the NewSpace at NewSpring fund let me say a “Big Thank You”.  This is just phase one of a multi-phase project to give more space for our children and teens.  Also on the project list is the updating of our restrooms in the grand foyer as well as a bookstore and coffee shop area.  So continue to give and we will continue to mark the projects off the list! 

This past weekend we had 2410 people at NewSpring!  How awesome is that? That makes these projects so much more important.  As a church family let’s pull together and get these projects done!  If you have any words of encouragement for our shop crew post them here and we will make sure they see them.

I would like to buy a vowel, please.


As you can see there are two I’s missing in our motto for The Adventure Avenue Theater and the blame goes to the person who cut out the letters!  That would be the Children’s Pastor…me!  Oh well, at least I gave it my best shot.  Dale and the crew will have to rescue this mess-up and cut the I’s out for me.  But in spite of missing the I’s, doesn’t it look great? Don’t forget the grand opening of this new environment is February 17th.  This place is going to be “over-the-top” fantastic!

Adventure Ave Construction Photos

As see you can see by the picture below, the Adventure Avenue Theater is coming along.  Our big day is February 17th when we open the doors for the first time to our kids in the preschool/kindergarten department. We have been installing the audio systems and lighting systems and we are just getting started on the multimedia end of things as well. The hallway outside the theater is painted a bright new color so take a look at next time you are at NewSpring. This is going to be an awesome place for kids to learn about Jesus.  At NewSpring we are all about creating irresistible environments to be able to “set the table” for people to hear about the good news of the gospel. I hope you are planning to bring your preschooler/kindergartener to this grand opening. There are going to be lots of exciting things going on and a very special guest will be here to welcome the kids to the theater. Take this opportunity to invite your friends and neighbors to this exciting event.  101_0184.jpg

Two Strange Guys and a Paint Sprayer


Do these guys look familar to you?  Well, you’ll have to keep guessing who they are, but they are inside Adventure Avenue Theater giving it a paint job.  We are blacking out the ceiling to make the colors on the wall and the set more vivid.  Next comes the wall colors in the room as well as the blue sky color above the stage and set.  Things are progressing well, but February 17th is just around the corner.  The electricians got their job done and now it’s time to kick it in high gear.