Adventure Avenue Theater Opens At NewSpring


What a great time we had today with the grand opening of the Adventure Avenue Theater! It was awesome to see all the kids just jump for joy when they came into the theater.  It was fun to have a live feed into the worship center to let all the adults see the great time we were having in the theater.  Special thanks to Dale & Michelle Poore and Nate & Sarah Kubish for the countless hours–and I mean countless hours–of hard work they put in to make this a reality.  I never take for granted the dedication these people have for the ministry of NewSpring Church.  The environments we have are some of the best in the country and you can see the passion they have for the ministry.  I am also grateful for the leadership of Darrel & Karla Stinson, directors of the theater,  and Don & Michelle Coash, assistant directors. They have helped us make another engaging environment for our kids at NewSpring.  The  other set of people I would like to thank is those of you who are small group leaders, greeters, security, praise team members, registration; without you we couldn’t pull off the weekend.  Every job is so important to make our environments engaging and relevant. God is doing something special at NewSpring. Isn’t it great to be on His team?!!!

3 thoughts on “Adventure Avenue Theater Opens At NewSpring

  1. We just want to reiterate Dan’s appreciation of ALL who help, each and every Sunday. Without all the teachers, helpers, and “lapholders” the theatre would not be possible. We are so excited about the upcoming weeks, and have some really exciting stuff planned! If you are not a part of this excitement, but would like to be involved, by all means, let us know!

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