Special Announcement

Ok here is what you have been waiting for, this very special annoucement.  Our kids ministry at NewSpring is growing and to keep up with it and to help us minister to more kids we have asked Karla Stinson to be the Adventure Avenue director for NewSpring.  Colleen Mahannah, who has been overseeing Baby Bay and Adventure Aveune and has been doing a great job, can’t be everywhere at one time.  So Colleen will direct Baby Bay (0-1 yrs) and Karla direct Adventure Avenue (2 yrs-Kdg).  My master plan when I started doing this job was eventually have someone over Baby Bay, Adventure Avenue and Rt 252.  There will be a meeting for all the Baby Bay/Adventure Avenue volunteers on March 5th after Powerlines in the Adventure Avenue Theater.  If you are currently a part of this ministry or are interested in helping during Saturday or Sunday services, please attend this very important meeting.  The word on the street is there is going to be food and some very special prizes given away.  You don’t want to miss this fun, entertaining, informative meeting. 

Karla, it is great to have you on board at NewSpring.

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