Adventure Ave Construction Photos

As see you can see by the picture below, the Adventure Avenue Theater is coming along.  Our big day is February 17th when we open the doors for the first time to our kids in the preschool/kindergarten department. We have been installing the audio systems and lighting systems and we are just getting started on the multimedia end of things as well. The hallway outside the theater is painted a bright new color so take a look at next time you are at NewSpring. This is going to be an awesome place for kids to learn about Jesus.  At NewSpring we are all about creating irresistible environments to be able to “set the table” for people to hear about the good news of the gospel. I hope you are planning to bring your preschooler/kindergartener to this grand opening. There are going to be lots of exciting things going on and a very special guest will be here to welcome the kids to the theater. Take this opportunity to invite your friends and neighbors to this exciting event.  101_0184.jpg

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