Rejoicing over Sunday at NewSpring

What an awesome day we had in KidzWorld!  Today we gave a lesson about salvation and had opportunity for kids to respond.  We are thrilled and excited to tell you that 13 kids accepted Christ as their Savior today!!!  Some of the kids were invited by friends and it was their first time to be in church.  What a beautiful image of a church.  Kids inviting kids to church and hearing about how Jesus loves them and responding to it!  To every single person that helps in KidzWorld…Rejoice in what God did through you today at NewSpring!


Here is a picture of all the boxes of food the kids have brought for the food pantry at Victory in the Valley.  This coming Sunday is the last day for bringing food. The first week of May we start a brand new offering project.  Can’t wait to tell the kids what it’s going to be.  The kids have been doing an amazing job with all of our offerings and are making a difference in so many people’s lives.

This is a picture of the work that is going on throughout the week in our KidzWorld Theater. This picture shows them pouring the footings for the balcony.  This coming week they will set the steel posts and finish pouring the final layer of concrete.  Nate and Philip had lots of fun with some other people as they hand dug each hole.  Some holes were 4 feet deep and 8 feet long.  They figured they dug out 176,000 lbs of dirt by hand!  Everyone has been working hard on this project but the kicker is that once Friday rolls around, they have to put everything back in place for the weekend. Then they tear it down Sunday evening to get ready to work on Monday.  Thanks to all who have helped keep KidzWorld going.