Made it to Chicago..barely

OK, reread the previous post to catch up on the “Karla syndrome” that is taking place on this trip.  We ended up leaving 1 1/2 hours late from Wichita.  When we landed in Minnesota we had 25 minutes to get to our plane to Chicago.  Well, we taxied for about 7 minutes… we were moving all the time but it seemed like we landed in Des Moines and taxied to Minneapolis!  We got to our gate and would you believe that they had no operator to bring the jetway over to the plane.  I guess the guy who makes $9 hour doing that job decided he had more important things to do. The captain actually had to call someone to get a person to come and bring the jetway over.  Ten more minutes passed and we finally got off the plane with 8 minutes to get to our next gate.  Of course we got off at terminal A and our next gate was terminal G gate 11.  Gate G 11 was evidently on the border of Canada.  Debbie, Karla, Colleen and myself had to put on our sneakers and sprint to the gate.  Oh, one more small detail…the airport tram was not running! After hurdling over suit cases, side-stepping slow walkers and nearly taking a wrong turn; we made it to our gate. Needless to say they were expecting us. As we ran up to the check-in desk the attendant waved us down the jetway and onto the plane. As we each dropped into our seat, the captain came on the PA system and announced that the door of the cabin was being shut.  So after my 4 mile jog to the gate I realized two things: 1. I am out of shape, 2. Karla is right–weird things do happen to her when she travels!

The Conspire Conference began today at 9:00 a.m. It has been great so far. We have already been challenged to consider some new ideas for our KidzWorld ministry. We were privileged to hear from several great speakers including author John Trent, Disney Animator/Director Gene Keane (son of Family Circus creator Bill Keane), and Senior Vice President over Disney Character Voices Rick Dempsey. Tomorrow we have the opportunity to attend breakout sessions designed to help us in specific areas of the ministry. We are looking forward to that.

More tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “Made it to Chicago..barely

  1. … I’m not so sure it’s a “Karla” syndrome. I remember reading your blog last week, where you encountered a troubledlady after your flight got cancelled (twice) – I wasn’t there.

  2. I agree. Karla can’t have all the bad luck. I once was in a terminal for 8 1/2 hrs before we got a flight out and then when we got to Houston we had to jet it from one terminal to the next and almost didn’t make it to our connecting flight. Nothing personal, but a will take a 1 1/2 hr. layover any day over 8 1/2 hours.

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