Service With a Smile

One valuable lesson I learned by growing up in a pastor’s home one is how to serve others.  Some of my first church memories were helping my dad set up chairs or move tables around. I also remember riding with him in our family car to pick up someone and take them to a doctor appointment or drive them to the hospital.  My dad and mom really had a genuine grasp on the idea of service.

I am really excited that the big idea for the month of July is Service.  Last month the big idea was Responsibility which is doing what is expected of you.  Service goes one step farther to do more than what is expected of you.  Great stuff for all ages! This month is going to be crazy fun and your child will not want to miss a weekend!  We are going to be doing stuff we have never done before in Route 252.  So invite a bunch of people to come to NewSpring this weekend!

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