3 thoughts on “Camp Video & Round Up Song

  1. Mr. Dan – thank you so much for adding the “Round Up Song” to your camp videos. It was so much fun watching the camp kids & leaders sing & do the motions in Kidzworld this weekend! Made me a “teensy weensy bit jealous” that i didn’t know the words. lol It is such a “catchy” tune i wanted to join in. Mark went thru it again here at home with lots of excitement. I think he has finally recovered! Again thanks “campers”, for sharing the videos and all! You all are AWESOME!!!!

  2. I just want to thank you guys for puting in your time for our kids! Josh had such a wonderful first time at camp! He didn’t want to come home. I can assure you that he’s a changed kid. Once again, thanks for doing what you do New Spring! Changing lives day by day!!!

  3. Camp was a lot of fun. I made a lot of new friends with the kids who attend kidzworld in the morning. I love the Round Up song. It is a good excersize work out. Thanks for letting me part of kidzworld camp.

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