“That was me!”

Debbie and I have had a great few days spending time with the Judgement House leadership team. About once a year we have the opportunity to share stories and encouragement with other JH national trainers from across the country…and the world. Our biggest thrill this trip was our chance to meet Kathy. Last fall, Kathy attended Judgement House for the first time when she was invited by a friend. The drama she saw was “Unexpected,” a script that originated at NewSpring in 2008. As Kathy walked through each scene, she began to identify with the “perfect mom” who made preparations to care for everyone around her but never made preparation for her own eternity. She told us, “That was me…I was that mom.”  All of a sudden she realized that she had never made that preparation for eternity either. We are excited to tell you that Kathy took care of that issue that night. She accepted Christ as her personal Savior and now she knows that she will spend eternity with Him in heaven.

It was just so cool to hear her repeat the words of the script back to Debbie and me.  I can’t say how much I appreciate Debbie taking so much time to help me write the “Unexpected” script.  We work together wrestling through ideas and wording that will connect to people who will be going through the tour.  Special thanks to all you NewSpringers who help us do Judgement House each year and Sarah who takes video footage and puts it together to make training videos for other churches.  Not until you get to heaven will you ever know how much impact your service has had on other people.

252 Theater “Nothing But Net” Contest

We are offering a fun little contest for elementary kids in the month of May. It’s called Nothing But Net because we want the kids to make a video that shows them doing some awesome, crazy and amazing tricks with a basketball. So parents have a little fun with your kids and put together a video that will astound our judges. The video must be 30 sec or less and must be submitted to Mr Dan on DVD by May 23rd. Grand prize is a $100 gift card and other prizes will be given as well. The winners will be announced in Route 252 on May 30/31.

Patience Music Video

This month in Route 252 we are learning about patience.  Our cool college students along with NewSpring video director, Sarah Kubish, came up with this music video to go along with our theme.  Just hit play and enjoy it with your kids at home.  Take time to talk to your kids about what it means to be patient.  Give them an example of when you had to be patient.  See you this weekend!