Where in the world is Cosmo?

It was an awesome idea! We would hide a Cosmo medallion somewhere in the Wichita city limits and then give clues and let KidzWorld families search for it. The families could work together and have fun searching. Plus the prize would be amazing–a 2 night stay at the Great Wolf Lodge!

Well, it was such an awesome idea that when we gave the first clues out on Saturday evening several families went to work right away searching for the medallion. And guess what? By the time we finished KidzWorld that evening, we had a winner!! Our KidzWorld kids and their families are REALLY smart! Congratulations to the Runck family, the first family to figure out the clues and find the medallion. We hope they have a wonderful time at the Great Wolf Lodge.

Needless to say, we want everyone to be able to have a chance to participate in the contest. So we are going to start over again and hide another medallion and hopefully come up with a trickier location and some tougher clues and put our families back in the hunt.

Be sure you check back on my blog on Tuesday for clue #1. Then next weekend we will hand out clue #2 at KidzWorld and post it to my blog on Tuesday. For those of you who just missed finding the first medallion, get your thinking caps back on and be ready to search!