Where in the World is Cosmo–CLUE 1

Where in the world is Cosmo?

During the month of June, Route 252 is sponsoring a Cosmo medallion search. This is designed to be a fun family adventure. The family who finds the medallion will win a gift certificate for a stay at the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City. Have fun searching!

Contest Rules

  1. The Cosmo medallion is hidden somewhere in the Wichita city limits.
  2. It will be found in a place that is publicly accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  3. You will never have to stop in traffic, destroy public property or put yourself in danger to find the medallion.
  4. A new clue will be handed out in Route 252 each weekend in June. If you miss the weekend service, the new clue will be posted on lifeinakidzworld.com on Tuesday morning.
  5. If you find the medallion, take a family photo at the location. Send the photo to dan.kubish@newspring.org.

Paper and scissors is missing its first.
Don’t get tangled in a web; that would be the worst.
The medallion is located between 10 and 12.
If you find it, all is well!