Cosmo #2 Has Been Found!

Congratulations to Brian, Angie, Kaylie and Cameron Nelson who found Cosmo #2 tonight! They brought the medallion to church and we got to interview them at the 6:30 service. They said it was a family effort in decoding the clues. Just for those of you who can’t stand the suspense, Cosmo was hidden in the knothole of a tree on Linden Street. Linden Street is between Rock and Webb and Douglas Parkway and Central Parkway. The 10 to 12 clue was the house numbers between which the tree was located. Thanks so much to all who participated in the Cosmo search. We hope you had a great time working together as a family!

One thought on “Cosmo #2 Has Been Found!

  1. Congratulations!!

    After the second clue we hunted in this area in the heat of last Tuesday. We were sure we were in the right area but apparently looking up the wrong tree! Saturday we went out of town for a family wedding. We had fun with the hunt. Reissig family

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