Camp Update #4

We posted lots of pictures today of the kids having a blast here at Sky Ranch. It has been raining on and off all day but that didn’t stop the fun. Our main focus for today was answering the question: Who Am I? And the answer is: I am God’s creation. The kids learned about God creating the world and them and that He created them just the way they are. We’ve had an awesome time learning together. During craft time we made some cool bracelets that have different colored beads each representing a part of God’s story. Ask you kids to tell you what each color stands for when they get home. This afternoon was free time and the kids got to do all kinds of activities including zip line, horseback riding, paint ball, frontier adventures and even swimming in some quite cold fresh spring water! It’s getting close to “shut down” time for tonight so pray that the kids will meditate on what they have learned about God and really begin to realize how much He loves them. Continue to pray for us. Looking forward to a great day tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Camp Update #4

  1. Happy 25th Anniversary Dan and Debbie.
    We are so blessed to have such wonderful role models leading our children. Thank you for all your help teaching our children about what wonderful things God has done. We will continue to pray for all of you. Have a blast at camp!
    PS. If you get a chance please let Martin Nuessen know we love and miss him and are so very proud of him.

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