Centri-Kid Camp Update #5

Church Group TimeRight now the campers are at Bible Study/Recreation time.  The next thing on the agenda for them is lunch at noon!  Let me put all your minds at ease (especially moms), your kids are eating very well.  Last night they had a choice or chicken strips, lasagna, corn, mix vegs, salad bar, hamburgers & fries, sub sandwiches, soft serve ice cream or they could dip out of the hard ice cream bins and also enjoy a multitude of cookies & cakes.  There is a great variety of awesome food so no one will go hungry.

Today the campers are learning about Jesus, the miracle worker.  This should be a very fun day for all of them.  They  just found out that they can buy water balloons 2 for $1 to throw at their leaders!!!   All money goes to the mission offering that is being collected to help the Roma people.  100_2350

We got some rain last night and on and off this morning but fun is continuing in spite of that. Keep praying for us!!

2 thoughts on “Centri-Kid Camp Update #5

  1. Dylan it looks like ur having a great. time. miss ya keep having fun. thanks for the pics guys keep em coming. have a great time.
    praying 4 u all

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