Centri-Kid Camp Update #11

OMC, Organized Mass Chaos, is the game that Centri-Kid is famous for. The cool things about all the games they play here is that there is always a deeper meaning associated with the game. The leaders always relate the game to a Bible principle. In OMC kids are instructed to do “tasks” from giving someone a compliment to walking backwards to exchanging shoes with someone to giving high 5 with shaving cream in your hand, etc. Each task involves the help of someone else and nobody is allowed to say “no.” After all the chaos is over, the kids see that it is important to help others and important to always say “yes” to God. They also learn that God is always there to help us when we ask.

The kids are all doing great. It has been hot but we remind them to drink lots of water. I rate the temperature of the day by how many times I have to change my shirt. Yesterday was a 3 shirt day and today will be a 3 or 4 shirt day. The kids have been able to make some new friends and we have really enjoyed getting to know all of them a little better. It is amazing to hear the questions that they have about God and the Bible now that they have been totally focusing on Him for the past 4 days. Thanks for investing in your kids. We know there will be eternal benefits!!