Centri-Kid Camp Update #4

Here is what is going on today at Centri-Kid.

6:42am-Open your eyes!


8:30-Quiet Time as a church group

9:00 -Can’t Wait (high energy & fun to get the kids fired up for the day)

9:30-10:50 Recreation/Bible Study


1:15-4:00 Track Times (this is where the kids get to pick some pretty cool activities)

4:00-5:30 Free Time



7:30 -Church Group Time

8:30- Party

10:15- In room

10:30 Lights out-eyes close

Pray for us today as we minister to your kids.Girls making posters to decorate dorm doors  This picture is of the girls making some cool stuff to put up on the dorm doors.  The next update should be around 10:30am.

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