Kids Inviting Kids

Saturday night we had a great time with the kids in Route 252 learning about our new virtue: Fairness.  We are going to have a blast all month long.  What was a blessing to me as I talked to some parents and they told me about their kids bringing kids to church.  One mom told me that her daughter got a phone call from a friend asking if she could come with them to church.  She had been listening to the daughter all week long talk about how much fun it was at NewSpring so she decided to ask if she could go!  How cool is that?  What we do at NewSpring is set environments for all ages so they can engage and learn how God loves them.  To all you kids and parents who are bringing kids from your schools & neighborhoods, keep it up.  You are making a big difference in the lives of others.   There were several families tonight that loaded up their minivans and brought many kids with them.  In fact some brought two cars to get all the the kids in.  I shared that with our executive pastor tonight and he commented that it is like having a bus ministry without the buses. Keep it up!

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