Words from a Four-Year-Old

Saturdays have been getting pretty crazy around NewSpring.  The Saturday service is growing. Just last night we had over a 1000 people at Saturday XL and we had the highest total in KidzWorld except for Easter Saturday last year!  And I can testify that those kids had a great time.  (Side note:  If you don’t have a ministry why not give Saturday KidzWorld a try. You might just find out you love it.) 

As the kids were checking out, one mom stopped me and asked if she could talk to me.  That usually means there is a problem.  But she had good news.   She told me that every morning at the breakfast table her four-year-old asks, “Do we get to go to church today?”  Of course mom has to answer “no” every day. Then finally Saturday morning arrives and as the child eats his breakfast cereal he asks again, “Do we get to go to church today?”  And mom gets to respond, “YES!”  Her son shouts, “Yahoo!”  The mother told me how much her child loves to come and learn about Jesus.  In fact she said that they stopped going to church for awhile because her child didn’t want to go.  Now he can’t wait to come to KidzWorld and that takes the stress off bringing her family to church.  To all those of you who make our environments joyful, relevant and irresistible…thank you!