And The Winners Are….

During the month of January we have been learning about resourcefulness in Route 252. We gave the kids an opportunity to be resourceful and make a special project using items from a list we provided. WOW! We have some very resourceful and creative kids. Below are the winners and some of the projects they came up with. Everyone who participated did a great job. Thanks for sharing your projects with us.

Winners on Saturday

1st-Nick Silas, 2nd-Ezri Berggren, 3rd-Madysen Huffman

Winners at 11am service

1st-Brittany Woodbury, 2nd-Madelyn Catlin, 3rd-Hannah & Hayden Stinson

15 service

1st-Scott McCune, 2nd-Allyssa Meyer, 3rd-Caleb Gerdes


This Child gets what NewSpring is all about!


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