Remembering Grandma Kubish

Last week my dad called me and told me that my grandmother had passed away.  Grandma Kubish was 100 years old and had a full good life.  She had 10 children. my dad being next to the oldest.  So Friday after Christmas Debbie and I drove to Jackson, MI to attend her celebration service.  To see someone’s life affect so many others is such a blessing.  It reminded me how we all have a circle of influence and that we can make someone’s life better because of spending time with them or just encouraging them on a regular basis.  As we look towards 2009 let me challenge you to make a extra effort to be the person that takes time to help and encourage others.

Saturday XL

I don’t know if you have heard but we have so100_1701mething special going on at NewSpring Church on Saturdays. We call it “Saturday Night XL.”  It is the same service as Sunday morning excect a little more.  100_17001This week the kids got to have fun with “Hudson” my brother’s Golden Doodle. They live in Vancouver, Canada.  Hudson was the XL portion this past Saturday.  He wasn’t there on Sunday just Saturday night.  Also the kids got a special treat of some freshly baked pizza.  If you haven’t tried Saturday night why not give it a try?

O Christmas Tree

sspx0058Usually at our house we put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving or the day after.  But here it is Dec 8th and we just got our tree last night.  Now, I should say that for the first 15 years of our marriage we had a live tree.  In fact, if you were to ask me about a “fake” one I would have  told you that it was “unscriptural” to have a “fake” tree in your house.  Just kidding of course!  After we moved to our current house 9 years ago and had new carpeting, I said, “Let’s get a fake one!”  No need to get sap all over the new carpet. 

But now we are in a remodeling project and we decided since we have no floor covering down we would get a live tree this year.  Soooo last night at 10:30 p.m. Sarah said, “Let’s go to Wal-mart and get one!”  The whole family piled into the truck and off we went.  Nothing like family togetherness.  Philip and I stayed in the truck, mostly because of the way we were dressed…I was wearing black socks, slippers and shorts!  Needless to say I was making a fashion statement and I think the statement was “don’t go out in public.”  Debbie and the kids went in a got a tree. We threw it in the back of the truck and headed home. Now we just have to find time to decorate it.  We still have 17 days before Christmas.