Saturday XL

I don’t know if you have heard but we have so100_1701mething special going on at NewSpring Church on Saturdays. We call it “Saturday Night XL.”  It is the same service as Sunday morning excect a little more.  100_17001This week the kids got to have fun with “Hudson” my brother’s Golden Doodle. They live in Vancouver, Canada.  Hudson was the XL portion this past Saturday.  He wasn’t there on Sunday just Saturday night.  Also the kids got a special treat of some freshly baked pizza.  If you haven’t tried Saturday night why not give it a try?

One thought on “Saturday XL

  1. Thank you, Dan & Debbie, for allowing my grandsons (5th & 7th grades, Chaz & Tanner) to both participate in Kidzworld last Saturday night. They loved every minute of time spent with you there and couldn’t stop telling us “all about it”. Makes me want to be a kid again!

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