Cereal Boxes and the Airport

These are the two things I am thinking about right now as I wait at the airport for a flight to get me to a National Leaders’ meeting for Judgement House.  It usually only takes about 5 minutes of sitting at an airport before I start thinking about all the things that need to be done at home and planning that needs to be done for upcoming events at NewSpring.  My mind just races about all the cool things that we could do for KidzWorld. I am also thinking about how to plan for Judgement House this year with the differant arrangements of our layout at NewSpring.  Just hang in there–I am getting to the point of this rambling.  Our flight was supposed to be going to Dallas, TX then on to Tampa.  But with the grounding of all the MD80 aircraft I am taking a little later flight and I am going 500 miles west to Denver to be able to go 1500 miles east.  That makes sense doesn’t it?  It seems like Debbie and I got the last two tickets going anywhere right now and there are some upset people who can’t make their flights and connections.  In fact, one lady is going to miss her week-long cruise if she doesn’t get to Dallas by tonight.  But all the effort of the ticket agent didn’t come up with a solution to get her there.  She got very frustrated with the situtation and I was beginning to fear for my life since she was right next to me.  But I think I could have taken her with the help of my wife! 

So with an extra hour on my hands I thought I would let you know about a neat thing KidzWorld is doing this month.  We are collecting boxes of cereal and instant meals for Victory in the Valley here in Wichita.  They help families that are going through the valley of cancer.  They provide lodging and meals for people who need that type of help.  They have a pantry for people who are staying there so they can make a quick meal before going back to the hospital or their treatment sessions.  If you would like to help you can drop off boxed cereal or boxes of Hamburger Helper, Mac & Cheese or other non-perishable packaged meals during the rest of April. We have a drop box inside the KidzWorld Theater or you can bring donations by anytime to the office.  The kids are doing a great job bringing their favorite boxes of cereal and they are learning they can help some else even at their age.  It’s cool to see kids realize it is not all about them and their world but what they can do for others who are in need. 

Some exciting things are coming up so watch for more info over the next couple of weeks. 


One thought on “Cereal Boxes and the Airport

  1. My parents were in the same line as you at the airport. I think they got routed through Denver also. Haven’t heard if they made it yet. The ultimate destination was Phoenix, so I’m pretty sure the lady you are talking about here is not my mom…

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