Adventure Avenue Invades Worship Center

What an awesome job the kids did today singing in the worship center.  They sang the song “Give me a J” and they really got into it!  So many people commented on how cute and inspiring it was to see hundreds of preschoolers praise the Lord.  Thanks to all the many volunteers that not only help on Sunday but are coming on Saturday and making a difference in the lives of so many kids. 

A new family came today and said, “My children just loved it and they could tell us what they learned today!  We are definitely coming back next week and we’ll bring our neices and nephews with us.”

To all those who volunteer at NewSpring, great job and thanks for allowing God to use you in this way!

4 thoughts on “Adventure Avenue Invades Worship Center

  1. Loved having those guys in there today. I can’t believe how many Adventure Avenue kids there are. They just kept coming! Oh, and by the way, love the pic of Micah singing. He could hardly sleep last night because he knew he was going to get to sing on the “big stage.” A huge thanks to all of our volunteers in KidzWorld who work with these kids week in and week out, and of course, a huge thanks to Dan & Debbie. You guys are doing an awesome job!

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  3. Love, Love, Love how God is touching all the hearts of our children at NewSpring! I loved watching every little face just beaming with anticipation of getting on the big stage! I am so blessed to be able to serve in the children’s ministry with such wonderful volunteers. There is no bigger high than leading a child into the light of God’s presence through song, story telling, and puppetry. I can’t wait to see what else in God’s plans for the children’s ministry at NewSpring!

  4. It was such a blessing to see the little ones praise the Lord. It brought tears to my eyes to see those precious ones enjoying coming to church. Thanks to all who help with that ministry! God Bless You!

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