Family Ministry Weekend at NewSpring

This weekend, September 5 & 6, is devoted to highlighting our family ministry at NewSpring. Back in 2004-2006 when we were adjusting our focus to think about how to build bridges to our community, we realized that we must do more to reach the next generation. On September 9, 2006 we launched KidzWorld with the purpose of creating joyful, relevant, irresistible environments for kids from birth through 5th grade. We began to promote a relatively new concept to families. Parents have the most influence in their child’s life. That means the church is not the place where kids get their religious education–it’s a place where there are caring staff and volunteers who ignite a child’s curiosity with the Truth of God’s Word and then link up with parents and guardians to provide tools to keep that faith conversation going all week long.

Now, 14 years later, we have the privilege of seeing the fruit of our investment. There are staff members on our team who grew up going to KidzWorld, The Wire, and Thrive. Each weekend, dozens of students serve in the ministry at NewSpring–providing an irresistible environment for others around them. Parents have been empowered to lead their children on their spiritual journey. Families have become inviters because they want their friends to experience the joy of knowing Jesus.

This weekend, we are going to share some strategic steps that help a family become intentional about faith. But this weekend isn’t just for parents because as a family of faith, we all have the responsibility to impact the next generation. So I hope you will make the extra effort to be at NewSpring in person or online to find out how you can be part of igniting the faith of the next generation.

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