KidzWorld Is On YouTube!

Over the past several months, our KidzWorld team has been reaching out to families in many new ways. When we were unable to meet on campus, we began to create videos and post them online so we can stay connected with kids and continue to encourage families to spend time with God and each other. We were abruptly thrust into using some forms of communication that we had already been considering and working toward for a few months prior to the shutdown. KidzWorld now has it’s own YouTube channel! It is so exciting for us to be able to post a weekend experience for kids from birth through 5th grade who are not able to be on campus on the weekend. AND we offer additional great segments to help parents and families on their faith journey. Today, Artie the orangutan has an interview with our senior pastor, Mark Hoover. You don’t want to miss it. And why not just subscribe to our channel so you can get updates whenever some new material is posted. By the way, our Back-to-School FX program is available to watch there as well if you missed it last Friday.

Thanks for partnering with us to help raise kids that change the world by living out God’s Big Ideas!

KidzWorld FX FAQ’s

What is KidzWorld FX? FX is a Family Experience that is filled with fun, laughter, and learning about God’s Big Ideas. We will also celebrate KidzWorld Watermark baptism.

When does FX happen? Our next KidzWorld FX is this Friday, August 21 at 7 p.m. in the NewSpring South Auditorium.

Who can come to FX? Everyone is invited to come to FX! Sometimes people come and they don’t even have kids with them! We just want to share a good time and learn about the Bible in a fun way.

How long is the program? FX typically lasts a little over an hour. We do have childcare available for children age 2 and younger.

How much does FX cost and do I need to sign up ahead of time? FX is completely FREE and there is no need to sign up–just show up!

What is your policy for this event in response to COVID19? The information about our policy for all on campus events can be found at

What if I am not ready or unable to attend in person? No problem! We have always live-streamed our FX events and we will be doing that this time as well. The time of the event is 7 p.m. CDT.

Promotion Weekend At NewSpring!

This weekend, August 15/16 is the weekend when kids who are in kindergarten through 12 grade will promote into the environment for their fall grade level. This year at NewSpring, we have a couple of big changes that we are implementing to make our time with kids and students even more intentional.

Studio 45 is a new environment designed specifically for 4th and 5th graders. It will give us the opportunity to focus on the life stage of older elementary kids as they prepare to enter their teen years. We are creating a brand new room dedicated to this age group which we expect to have open in early October.

Our preschool ministries of Baby Bay and Adventure Avenue will also experience a change. Beginning with this promotion, children age 2-4 will no longer promote on their birthday. Instead, they will be able to stay in the same environment for a whole year with the same small group leader and kids. We know that this will help the kids form some great bonds with the leaders and the other kids in their small group. Each small group is assigned an animal name and those groups of kids will be able to stay together throughout their time in Adventure Avenue.

We have outlined these changes and the details you need to know for your child on our website at