KidzWorld Is On YouTube!

Over the past several months, our KidzWorld team has been reaching out to families in many new ways. When we were unable to meet on campus, we began to create videos and post them online so we can stay connected with kids and continue to encourage families to spend time with God and each other. We were abruptly thrust into using some forms of communication that we had already been considering and working toward for a few months prior to the shutdown. KidzWorld now has it’s own YouTube channel! It is so exciting for us to be able to post a weekend experience for kids from birth through 5th grade who are not able to be on campus on the weekend. AND we offer additional great segments to help parents and families on their faith journey. Today, Artie the orangutan has an interview with our senior pastor, Mark Hoover. You don’t want to miss it. And why not just subscribe to our channel so you can get updates whenever some new material is posted. By the way, our Back-to-School FX program is available to watch there as well if you missed it last Friday.

Thanks for partnering with us to help raise kids that change the world by living out God’s Big Ideas!

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