Centri-Kid Camp Update #12

Well, this was a 4 shirt day! (see previous blog post)  It was hot and humid but the kids had a ball today doing OMC.  It rained in the afternoon but they kept going by moving the activites inside.  Tonight was when the kids who signed up for a performance track performed before the whole camp.  They did a amazing job and I was so proud of each one of them.

Tonight during group devotions I talked about the meaning of baptism and answered some questions the kids had during the week.  After talking for about 5 minutes I asked if any of the kids think they are ready to take the next step in their Christian walk.  There was a total of 16 kids who raised their hands that they are interested in taking that step!  That is so great and I hope you parents will help us to sit down and talk with your kids about the decision they made at camp.  For those who showed interest, Debbie or Diane Borg will be contacting you with more information about Watermark Weekend.

We are loading up the bus at 7:15 a.m. tomorrow. Then we will eat breakfast and attend the ending celebration service and should be on the road by 10:30.  We will eat lunch at noon and should be home tomorrow around 4 p.m.  You can call the church office after 1 p.m. for a more up-to-date time table.  Pray for us as we travel home and that God will continue to work in your child’s life.  You guys have some super kids that have really shown a servant’s heart this week…and, yes, most of the kids are ready to see their parents!

Now, one final word of thanks to the awesome team of adults who came with us to camp! They have been your kids’ substitute parents for the week and they have cared for and prayed for your children in a wonderful way. Each one of them was totally excited about attending camp and they have continued to show excitement for all the decisions your kids have made. Please take a moment to thank them when you pick your kids up tomorrow.

See you tomorrow afternoon!

Looking at parent's email's and the video highlights

4 thoughts on “Centri-Kid Camp Update #12

  1. I for one am so excited to see my baby girls tomorrow. I consider my family incredibly blessed to have the wonderful and dedicated people of New Spring working in our lives and helping us to bring our children closer to God!

    Mr. Dan… thank so much for all your hard work on these blogs, photo’s and videos! My husband is currently on his fourth tour in Iraw with the US Air Force and he is able to see the girls having the time of their lives thanks so much to! (as is computer illiterate Grandma in Colorado who had to enlist the help of the neighbor to see the videos!)

    The bigges thank you to the group leaders who’ve been my daughter’ surrogate parents for the week! Thank you for taking such good care of my babies!

    God bless you all, and I’m praying for a safe journey home!

  2. Yes, thanks for all of yo for taking care of our children. Also keepingthem safe. YOu are all appreciated very much.

  3. We are so excited to see you all today!!! What a blessing that those kids are making decisions to follow in Baptism.
    We will pray that you have safe travels today on your way back.
    Again thanks to everyone for all you have done this week. What an awesome childrens team at Newspring!!!!!

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