Centri-Kid Camp Update #7

DSCF0594The kids are finishing up their track times and we will be headed off to enjoy some free time for 90 minutes.  There is face painting, sno-cones, sports, swimming and a whole lot more. The kids are having a great time! The adults are having a great time too. It has been so much fun getting to know your kids a little bit better. Time to go meet up with the kids–more later.

3 thoughts on “Centri-Kid Camp Update #7

  1. Hi Pastor Dan, looks like everyone is having a Fantastic time. Thank you so much for all you and Debbie are doing for the kids. Tell Khloe Engel her Mom & Dad said Hello and she looks so cute in the pictures you have taken of her. I’m sure you have learned by now, our Khloe is not shy and I would not be surprised if she was running things by Friday, so sit back, relax, and know Khloe has everything under control, hee hee. Thanks again for all you do!!
    Will & Dana Engel

  2. It looks like you are all having alot of fun, wish parents could come too. please tell Austin H mom and dad said hi. keeping you all in our thouhts and prayers. Thanks so much for the updates, we check all the time.

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