Centri-Kid Camp Update #2

Trish did a great job with our rules poster!Made it to camp at 2;45pm.  Had a great trip and the kids are having a wonderful time.  Supper is in 20 minutes so we need to get unpacked and ready to go.  More later.100_2336

5 thoughts on “Centri-Kid Camp Update #2

  1. Thanks for the update….the pics are great…..all the kids look happy and it looks like it is sunny where you all are at…I love and miss you Mikaela and Meaghan….you are in our thoughts and prayers…..cannot wait for you to tell me all you learned about Jesus this week at camp……Love, Mom and Matt

  2. Thanks for the updates! praying for you guys — love you, Meghan and Hannah! Brittany misses her sisters — love, Mom &Dad

  3. Thank you for the comfort of the pictures & updates. We are praying that God really works within the hearts of all the children at camp. What a blessing to have the oppurtunity to teach our children about God. We love you Caleigh Schneider & hope you are having the time of your life!! Mom & Zach

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