Virtue for November is Gratitude

Whipped cream and sour Gummy worms…sounds delicious doesn’t it?  Debbie and I are big on review games in KidzWorld.  It is one thing to tell a Bible story but will the kids remember twenty minutes later?  So that is 100_14771why we play a lot of review games with your kids.  We usually play boys vs girls and it tends to get pretty loud in the 252 Theater.  But once in awhile during the review game we have a challenge.  As you can see by the picture, the kids “kind of” get into it.  This particular game was who could eat the most gummy worms off a plate of whipped cream in a set amount of time.

This month we are learning about Gratitude-Letting others know you see how they’ve helped you.

Last week we talked about the ten lepers who were healed by Jesus but only one return to thank him for being healed.  This week we will be talking about Paul and the list of people he wanted to thank for helping him.  So parents, engage your kids on the way home and quiz them on what they did and learned in KidzWorld.  We want to partner with you to help teach your child what the Bible says.  Hope to see you this weekend.

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