Judgement House Victory Report #5

Once again God’s Spirit moved through the cast & crew of Judgement House tonight.  The last group has gone through and as of right now we have a report of 70 salvations.  That brings the total so far that we know of to 511 salvations.  That is such a blessing and what a difference has been made in those lives.  Tonight whole families were getting saved!  But another thing that is a blessing me is the unity of the spirit of the people working throughout Judgement House.  To see people praying for one another and encouraging one another is so awesome.  Thanks so much for all your hard work.  Don’t forget Praise & Worship is at 5 p.m.  It was a blessing to hear from Wallace, missionary for Judgement House in Brazil, and his encouragement to rely on God’s power.  Have a good evening.

Judgement House Victory Report #4

Wow! What a fast start to our final Judgement House weekend. We had full tour groups from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. We were able to see about 200 walk-ins along with those who had reservations. The really exciting news is that 64 people began a relationship with Christ tonight. About 20 of those came from the final 2 tour groups–made up totally of walk-ins. That brings our running total to 430! 

Jason and Wallace made it to Wichita safely and are settled into their hotel. It will be fun to have them be with us the next 4 days.

Please remember that P&W is at 5 p.m. tomorrow. 

Good night!

Judgement House Victory Report #3

Thanks so much to our awesome Judgement House volunteers and prayer warriors. This ministry would not be effective without the hand of God on it. God has been working in hearts again tonight and right now we know of 189 salvations from the tours tonight. Some of those happened after youth groups left our property and began discussing what they had seen.

Here’s a prayer update. Alex E. has begun to respond and come out of the seizure. She is being held at the hospital overnight for observation. Continue to keep her in your prayers. Remember the other special requests as well. We don’t have updates on those yet.

It is so exciting to see the fire that God has lit in your hearts, especially those who are experiencing JH for the very first time. Isn’t it great to be in the “sweet spot”? (If you don’t know what I mean by that, you missed Mark’s message this weekend. Check it out online: Running with God. http://www.newspring.org

Thank God today for the victories He has given!!

Judgement House Victory Report #1

Awesome first night of Judgement House. There were 56 salvation decisions that we know of from tonight’s tours. Many people went through who were deeply touched by the drama presentation. Get some rest all you JH volunteers and we’ll see you at 2 p.m. tomorrow for Praise & Worship.

KidzWorld/Judgement House

We caught Robyn Sanders being early to her ministry area in Baby Bay.  Robyn is one of the many volunteers that serve at NewSpring Church in our KidzWorld ministry.  Thanks to all our volunteers who come and make NewSpring a fun place for kids to learn about Jesus.

Judgement House begins on Friday and things are in full motion.  Scenes are being set-up and people are making reservations to come.  I trust that you are praying for this awesome ministry as hundreds of volunteers come together for the outreach ministry.

KidzWorld Workers

Denise Sodowski was caught helping in the 4’s environment. And look she is still smiling!


Leilah Arnn was caught in the 3yr olds this past Sunday.  She consistently brings her best smile every week at the 11:00 hour! 

 We appreciate so much everyone that comes and ministers to kids.  It is so cool to me how some of you have changed from “I’m here to watch kids” to “I’m here to engage kids and to help them with their spiritual journey.”  In my opinion nothing makes a ministry go to the next level like passionate volunteers!  Thanks for all you do.

News Story

On Sunday a KSNW Channel 3 crew visited KidzWorld to interview us about passing faith along to kids. They took video of Route 252 and Adventure Avenue. I got a chance to talk to them about our vision and the philosophy of KidzWorld. They even interviewed Ellie Cummins.

The report should air on November 13th at 10 p.m.

Also, we are rejoicing over the 4 kids who accepted Christ during the Saturday evening KidzWorld program. Thanks to all who make Saturday night possible for kids. You guys are awesome!

Blown Away by Buddy Day!

Debbie and I were totally blown away by the number of kids that showed up for “Buddy Day.”  For more info about the day see previous post.  Anyway, we had 91 first time guests to KidzWorld!  Can you believe that?  The kids did such an awesome job inviting other kids to come with them.  Many kids brought more than one.  We didn’t have to bribe the kids, give them candy, stickers or a patch to bring their friends.  We just told them that only about 25% of kids in the Wichita area attend church on a regular basis and that leaves plenty of kids that would love to come and experience KidzWorld.  We are so proud of the kids and we look forward to the next time we do it. 

I’ve got good news though, kids. You don’t have to wait until the next Buddy Day to bring your friends; you can invite friends to KidzWorld anytime.  Can’t wait till the weekend! 

Heads up…we are talking about Noah in Route 252.  The virtue is Determination-deciding its worth it to finish what you started.  Noah would be an excellent example of that virtue. In Adventure Avenue the kids will be learning about our awesome Creator and the wonderful creation He made!

Buddy Day

The whole KidzWorld staff is excited about “Buddy Day” at NewSpring this Sunday.  We have asked every kid to bring a “buddy” with them to church.  We don’t know what to expect but there is a lot fun planned and a few surprises in store.  So, kids, invite your friends and family and bring them with you to NewSpring this weekend.

Judgement House is coming right along. Lots of reservations have been made and plans are being finalized.  Please pray along with us as we do this outreach for SouthCentral Kansas.  This weekend the mini flyers are available for you to take and invite your family and friends to Judgement House.  It’s going to be an excitng fall here at NewSpring.