KidzWorld/Judgement House

We caught Robyn Sanders being early to her ministry area in Baby Bay.  Robyn is one of the many volunteers that serve at NewSpring Church in our KidzWorld ministry.  Thanks to all our volunteers who come and make NewSpring a fun place for kids to learn about Jesus.

Judgement House begins on Friday and things are in full motion.  Scenes are being set-up and people are making reservations to come.  I trust that you are praying for this awesome ministry as hundreds of volunteers come together for the outreach ministry.

One thought on “KidzWorld/Judgement House

  1. We are really glad you “caught” Robin. She is such a blessing in Baby Bay. When everything we try to calm a fussy baby fails, we hand the baby over to Robin and she works her magic. Voila! The baby is soon calm and often asleep. God has given her a very special touch with these precious babies!

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