Andover Days Parade


We had a blast being in the Andover Days Parade this past Saturday.  The puppets were the hit of the parade.  Even before we got started kids were surrounding the bus wanting to talk to them.  Thanks to all  who came and helped us with this ministry and a special thanks to Michelle Poore who spent many hours doing all the custom lettering on the bus windows to advertise KidzWorld.  It looked great and really made it all come together.  After the parade, we went to the park and did 3 puppet shows and had a drawing for a free birthday party at NewSpring.

Don’t forget that Sunday is Bring a Buddy Day!!


We had another great weekend at NewSpring. 11 people accepted Christ as Savior!  That’s pretty awesome when you consider that we are in the middle of a “sex” series.  Only God can pull that off.  This Sunday in KidzWorld we are having “Bring a Buddy Day” and it should be one exciting day!  We are asking all who are involved with KidzWorld to invite their buddy to church this Sunday.  Here is a picture of who got caught being early to serve in KidzWorld.

Cheryl and Mindy Slimmer (mother/daughter team) are top notch subs…they are always willing to serve
in any of the Adventure Ave or Baby Bay classes, either hour.  Today they
were the first ones to arrive in Adventure Avenue 4 at 9:30.  (They are ALWAYS

See ya on the weekend!

WOW! What a weekend at NewSpring

What a tremendous weekend we had at NewSpring and also in KidzWorld.  Over 600 kids attended KidzWorld over the weekend and we had record-breaking crowds in 252 Theater for both hours on Sunday!  There were kids everywhere and they were enjoying the environments that were created just for them.  Thanks to all those who not only serve in this great ministry but for the ones also who gave their money to help minister to all the kids who are coming to KidzWorld.

This is Sue Sharp and she got caught being early to Adventure Avenue 2 this past week.  She even had a smile on her face, which we really appreciate.  Thanks to all who are showing up early to help reach boys and girls for Christ.  Even if I don’t see you, there is One who does and will reward you way more than you can imagine.
This Saturday KidzWorld is going to be represented in the Andover Days Parade.  The parade will go south on Andover Rd and turn east on Central.  If you looking for a fun family event this weekend come out and see Cosmo and the puppets in the parade.  Also at Andover Central Park we will be doing puppet shows at noon, 1p.m. and 2 p.m. Come by and see us. I will try to post some pictures of the event later on.

Sunday, October 5th is “Bring a Buddy Day” in KidzWorld. We are encouraging all kids and volunteers to bring a “buddy” with them to church.  We will have invitations available this week so you can invite your friends.

The following week a local tv station will be visiting KidzWorld to see how the church passes faith along to children.  Don’t worry about it. Just be yourself and have fun sharing God’s love with the kids that come on that day. 

Continue to pray about the ministry of NewSpring Church and also the ministry of Judgement House.  This could be the biggest and most exciting fall we have experienced here at NewSpring.  Hang on!

Praying for Judgement House

Nine years.  If you have nine years of experience you should feel pretty confident about an upcoming project.  Well, let me tell you that is not the case.  Every year at this time I get a little jumpy and nervous about doing Judgement House.  My personality says, “Let’s get it done. We know how to do this.” But in all honesty if we don’t have the power of the Holy Spirit working not only in the lives of the people that come but also in the cast and crew we will fail big time.  So this year I want to make sure we continue to pray for the ministry of JH not only during the performance dates but also as we prepare.  So this year you will be able to sign up to get a daily prayer list from me with specific requests and also updates throughout the perfomances.  If you signed up for the prayer team or cast and crew you will be on the list already. Everyone else can go to and there will be a place to submit your email address. (It won’t be active until this weekend.) The daily emails will begin October 2nd and end November 2 (or early in the morning November 3!)

We are excited about what is God going to do this year at NewSpring and trust you will be praying along with us as we present Judgement House.

First Class

Right now I am in Tampa, Florida. I spoke at the National Fundraising Banquet for Judgement House.  What an awesome time of hearing how God is working all over the world with the ministry of JH.  It was a blessing to have a part in this wonderful ministry. 

My precious wife drove me to Mid-Continent Airport on Thursday. As I was trying to do self check-in (which I can’t get to work about 50% of the time)  a man behind the counter came up to me and said, “You look really familiar. Don’t you go to NewSpring?”  “Yes,” I replied. He said, “Come over here and I will take care of you.”  And boy did he ever!  When I looked at my ticket it was for First Class.  Wow, what a blessing.  Isn’t it great how God can bless your life even when you’re not expecting it?  And to the gentleman who was so kind…THANK YOU!

Great Day at NewSpring

It was an awesome weekend at NewSpring Church as we started a brand new series called ” Pillow Talk”.  The crowds were large and the place was packed.  We had a such a wonderful time with the kids and having the balcony open this week was perfect timing.  Also we started a live band in Rt 252 Theater and the kids just loved it.  Some people have been predicting that we will hit 3000 people sometime during this series and we came within 200 of that this weekend!  God is doing some amazing things at NewSpring and I am just glad I can be a part of it.  If you are not plugged in with some ministry here, now is the time to step up and get involved in reaching out to others.

Here are the people who got caught being early to their ministry in KidzWorld.


Lisa & Kaytlin White had their hands in the play doh early in AA3 as they welcomed kids at 9:30.

Michelle Miller was eager to start helping with the Kindergartners at the11:00 service!

We appreciate ALL our volunteers so much! We hope that you count it a privilege every week to volunteer in KidzWorld. Remember–you are making an ETERNAL difference in the lives of kids and their families.

Judgement House Reservations

We are excited about Judgement House this year and Monday we start taking reservations.  The cool thing is that you can make your reservation online or if you need assistance you can call the NewSpring church office. The dates for this year’s performances are Oct 24-26, and Oct 29-Nov 2.  Get your reservations early as we usually will fill up before the the first date.  Take time to invite your family and friends to this unique Gospel presentation.