Praying for Judgement House

Nine years.  If you have nine years of experience you should feel pretty confident about an upcoming project.  Well, let me tell you that is not the case.  Every year at this time I get a little jumpy and nervous about doing Judgement House.  My personality says, “Let’s get it done. We know how to do this.” But in all honesty if we don’t have the power of the Holy Spirit working not only in the lives of the people that come but also in the cast and crew we will fail big time.  So this year I want to make sure we continue to pray for the ministry of JH not only during the performance dates but also as we prepare.  So this year you will be able to sign up to get a daily prayer list from me with specific requests and also updates throughout the perfomances.  If you signed up for the prayer team or cast and crew you will be on the list already. Everyone else can go to and there will be a place to submit your email address. (It won’t be active until this weekend.) The daily emails will begin October 2nd and end November 2 (or early in the morning November 3!)

We are excited about what is God going to do this year at NewSpring and trust you will be praying along with us as we present Judgement House.

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