First Class

Right now I am in Tampa, Florida. I spoke at the National Fundraising Banquet for Judgement House.  What an awesome time of hearing how God is working all over the world with the ministry of JH.  It was a blessing to have a part in this wonderful ministry. 

My precious wife drove me to Mid-Continent Airport on Thursday. As I was trying to do self check-in (which I can’t get to work about 50% of the time)  a man behind the counter came up to me and said, “You look really familiar. Don’t you go to NewSpring?”  “Yes,” I replied. He said, “Come over here and I will take care of you.”  And boy did he ever!  When I looked at my ticket it was for First Class.  Wow, what a blessing.  Isn’t it great how God can bless your life even when you’re not expecting it?  And to the gentleman who was so kind…THANK YOU!

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