Blown Away by Buddy Day!

Debbie and I were totally blown away by the number of kids that showed up for “Buddy Day.”  For more info about the day see previous post.  Anyway, we had 91 first time guests to KidzWorld!  Can you believe that?  The kids did such an awesome job inviting other kids to come with them.  Many kids brought more than one.  We didn’t have to bribe the kids, give them candy, stickers or a patch to bring their friends.  We just told them that only about 25% of kids in the Wichita area attend church on a regular basis and that leaves plenty of kids that would love to come and experience KidzWorld.  We are so proud of the kids and we look forward to the next time we do it. 

I’ve got good news though, kids. You don’t have to wait until the next Buddy Day to bring your friends; you can invite friends to KidzWorld anytime.  Can’t wait till the weekend! 

Heads up…we are talking about Noah in Route 252.  The virtue is Determination-deciding its worth it to finish what you started.  Noah would be an excellent example of that virtue. In Adventure Avenue the kids will be learning about our awesome Creator and the wonderful creation He made!