Camp Update 7 Must Read

Kids are still having a blast with all of the activities here at Centri-Kid.  There is so much energy when you put 300 hundred junior kids together in 1 room.  But to hear them be excited about God is awesome!




After are large group session we went to our church group devotional time.  When we got into the room I started talking about what sin was and how it messed up our way to heaven.  But Jesus came to save us from our sins and all we had to do is to accept Him as our Saviour. 

Well, I am overjoyed to say 1 boy and 3 girls from NewSpring accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour!  We are having a party in the rooms to rejoice over these precious kids decision.  I would love to share who it was but we are going to let the kids tell their parents first.

Keep praying for us.  Tomorrow night I will be talking to the kids about baptism and what it means to us. 

Pray also we are needing to get a new battery for the bus and you can’t find them in your local Wal-mart.

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