Camp Update 6

Ok, it’s free time for the kids and they have a choice of many things to do.  Supper will be at 5:30 so some of them are resting in their rooms and others decided to go swimming.  We had a brief rain shower and it brought the temp down which was super nice.  Now the sun is out and it is starting to get warm again.  Keep praying for us as we will be in worship around 6:30 and then we will have group devotions tonight at 7:30. I gave the kids a question to this about while they are at camp this week. I asked them to think about the one thing God wants them to do this week.  Everyone is having a great time and no one is homesick.  Parents please do us a favor, unless it is an emergency please don’t continue to call your child.  If a child starts to feel homesick, hearing your voice will just increase it and will not help the situation.  I know you miss your kids but that is why I am trying to keep you up-to-date with this blog.  More later.

One thought on “Camp Update 6

  1. Hi Dan, Debbie, and all,
    Just thought I would say HI and am praying for you and the kids. Tell Allyson I saw her smiley face and hope “she does not get lost”.
    Wish I were there!!!!! Mrs. Mickey : )

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