Final Camp Update

Well, this will be my final blog from camp.  It has been such a blast to be with your kids and see them learn things from God’s Word.  We had an awsome time in worship this evening.  It was such a blessing to hear 300 kids sing “Here I Am to Worship” and see them really engage in worship.  You are making a big mistake if you think kids can’t worship.  After worship we had our church group devotions and talked about what it means to be baptized. 13 kids raised their hands indicating that they might want to be baptized at Watermark!  We told the kids that we would contact their parents to let them know about their child’s interest. If your child does have an interest in baptism, we suggest that he/she take the Starting Point 4 Kids classes on August 3, 10 & 17. You can get more info about that by emailing Debbie at

The final party tonight was a variety show featuring the thing the kids learned in their track times this week. Enjoy the pictures of some of your performers. They did an excellent job and had a fantastic time!

It’s hard to believe that our week is winding down. Although the kids have had a great time, they are all looking forward to seeing their families again. Remember, you can call the church office (630.8500) AFTER 1 p.m. for an estimated time of arrival.

I would like to close with two special “thank-you’s.” First of all, thanks to the nine brave adults who joined Debbie and me as adult sponsors this week for camp. You guys have been awesome and we hope you have had a great time getting to know the kids. Secondly, thanks to anyone who helped financially support our camp experience. Several of our kids would not have been able to attend camp without your help. We know that God will reward your kind support.