Father’s Day and My Wedding Anniversary

Thursday we hung out in Boston and walked the Freedom Trail stopping at many important sites of the American Revolution. The weather was perfect.  Later that day we met up with my brother Robert and his family and took a boat cruise around the harbor for about 1½ hours. We watched the sun set and also saw the sailors shoot the cannon of “Old Ironsides” at sundown.  That was super cool to experience–not only all the history but just to hang out with family.

Here is a picture of Josh (my nephew) and Kerrie who got married on Saturday.  This was the reason for the whole trip.  The wedding was very special and the reception was held outside and was just plain fun.  My extended family was in charge of feeding the 325 people so we pulled together and got the job done, even though the kitchen was the size of a average bathroom!  Elease made meatballs and chicken alfredo plus salad and sandwiches.  What a undertaking but they pulled it off without a hitch.  Josh is a youth pastor and just loves ministering to teens.  I am sure these two will do great things for God.

Today is Fathers’ Day celebrating twenty-three years of fun and adventure with 5 great kids and it is also my wedding anniversary celebrating being married to the most wonderful woman in the world!  She is a big part of everything that happens at NewSpring in KidzWorld.  I couldn’t do it without her!  She is a very special lady and so very thankful that she is a part of my life.  Debbie, you are the best!!!

  We went to church today where my brother-in-law is pastor in Uxbridge, MA.  Bob had a wonderful sermon, then all 35 of us went to his house for lunch.  It was 59° at noon today, a big difference from the high 90’s they had at the beginning of the week.  We left Uxbridge this afternoon and drove to Hanover, NH and from there we are going to Vermont and Maine.  Should be fun.


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