Fourth of July Weekend at NewSpring Church

My family and I are out in Boston, MA for the wedding of my nephew.  Wow, there is a lot of traffic out here.  You can say what you want but there is something special about living in the Midwest!   Well I’m not writing to give you a traffic report but to let you know what awesome things are coming up on Fourth of July weekend. 

First, Comedian Tim Hawkins is going to make you laugh your head off on July 3 as he will be in top performance  along with our own NewSpring Band.  That is going to be off the hook! 

Secondly that weekend is going to be a super-duper fun time in the Worship Center as all kids from age 2-5th grade will worship with their parents.  This will be a fun-filled hour of worship, teaching and a whole lot of excitement.  We are going to do some things that you have never seen inside a worship center.  We are going to worship as a family and learn as a family.  Don’t miss this weekend!  The following weekend we will go back to our regular formats but the teaching will be coordinated to that kids and adults are learing the same things each weekend in July in their own environments.   I am really excited about trying to get families to talk about what they have learned together throughout the week at NewSpring Church.

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