Glorious One

The family went to Portland, Maine, to see some lighthouses and to hang out on the beach.  It was sunny the first part of the day but cloudy and rainy the second half of the day. This picture was taken in front of Portland Head Light, the oldest lighthouse in America.  It was fun to see it in action and also see the big ships come into the habor using that lighthouse for a guide. 

The drive back to our hotel was about 2 hours, so after a busy day the whole family fell asleep on the way and as the sun was setting I was listening to Sarah’s ipod. The song “Glorious One” by Steve Fee came on.  As it was playing I was looking at the sunset God painted for me and the words just were perfect.  The song talked about the ocean and it reminded me about what we saw that day.   Sarah took these pictures for me and I wanted to share them with you.