What are the workers saying about working in KidzWorld?

Debbie had a meeting today with some of our great volunteers in KidzWorld and she asked them what they love about working with kids–what brings them back week after week.  Here is just some of what they said:

“Excitement of the kids.  I feel like I’ve gotta be here for them.”

“The kids always run up to me and give me hugs on Sunday mornings.”

“Being a part of something awesome!  The enjoyment of my own kids getting saved!”

“The best thing of all is seeing the kids accept Christ.”

“I love to see each child’s smiling face, knowing that we are providing a fun, exciting environment that is God-filled.”

“I really enjoy the fact that the kids are always excited to be at KidzWorld.  It is amazing how much information about Jesus these kids retain.”

“My own learning–the virtues and bottom lines are so applicable in my own life.  I end up learning and growing right along with the kids!”

“The kids want to be there!”

“Bonding with my own kids through worship.”

“I just love the large group time with the skits, games and singing.”

That’s just a few of the many answers given.  If you have something you would like to add about why you love working in KidzWorld just send it to me.

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