Baby Bay, Family Photo

Next time you are at NewSpring make sure you check out the new additions to Baby Bay.  Once again the shop crew takes the environments up a notch!  This turtle has been in the works for 2 years.  It was sitting in the shop and was only worked on when there was free time from the other pressing stuff they are doing.  Needless to say there has been a lot of pressing stuff.


They also added this cool school of fishes.  Cosmo is looking at them from the submarine window.  The kids and parents loved these two additions.  Many dads lifted their child up to touch the turtle.   But we all need to be a little careful with the small fishes because they will break if they get hit.  




 For Mothers’ Day at NewSpring we offered free family portraits as a special gift for mom.  Over 150 photos were taken and they turned out great.  Special thanks to Lance Cummins and Gina Dreher for all the work they did to make that happen.  If you took a photo, you can pick up your 8×10 this weekend and you will also receive a digital copy of your photo by email. 



It has been nice being home all this week with the family and catching up on some things, but next week I will be going down near Atlanta, GA to meet with a church staff about doing Judgement House. 


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