How does a hamburger taste when eaten at a 5 million dollar house?

The answer….the same but the view is beautiful!  Debbie and I have just returned to our hotel after having a great time with all the National Staff of Judgement House and the National Trainers from around the country.  We meet once a year to see what is coming up new with JH and also the vision for the next 5 to 10 years.  It is always great to get together and hear how JH has transformed lives and churches arcross the United States and in 8 countries around the world.  The picture shows the house where we had a barbeque on the beach. This 5ooo sq ft house is located right on Clearwater Beach, Florida.  It is for sale for 5 million!  What a bargain!  This would make a great house for a staff retreat!   So I thought I would let you see a picture of it as well as a picture of the sunset tonight.  It was 89 today but it is supposed to get cold the end of the week–down in the 60’s on Monday!  BRRRR!  Tomorrow we start bright and early for a day of meetings with the board members of JH as well as discussion on how to train other churches more effectively. 

I am waiting on another picture of our remodling project but haven’t received it yet.  Will pass it along when I do.  I know all of you are anixously awaiting it.

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