Monday is Coming!

This past week, some of the KidzWorld staff was able to attend The Orange Conference which is hosted by the people who write the First Look and 252 Basics curriculum that we use in KidzWorld environments. The challenge for the conference was for us to think about the fact that after we have done everything we can to engage and inspire a child on the weekend, we must realize that Monday is Coming when they go out and face their world.

We heard so many great speakers who shared different perspectives on how our weekend influence can impact kids’ lives throughout the week. Here are just a few select nuggets of truth from some great leaders.

Following Jesus will make your life better and make you better at life.–Andy Stanley

On Sunday, grace is expected. On Monday, it’s a surprise.–Jon Acuff

What a kid does affects what a kids believes.–Reggie Joiner

Students need an appetite for service.–Doug Fields

Regret stings more than failure.–Pete Wilson

How you’re loved will always impact how you live. How you live will never impact how you’re loved.–Kara Powell

The world would be fixed of all it’s problems if every child knew the necessity of their existence.–Gerald Fadayomi

When we begin to see the greatness of God, we will be fearless in our decisions.–Perry Noble

Think on those statements and let them really sink in. I wish you could all have been at the conference with me to hear the entire messages. Let’s just say that KidzWorld is ready to keep moving forward and make sure that we never forget: Monday is Coming!

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